| 10.28.16

The Wisconsin Children's Trust Fund works to ensure that all Wisconsin children grow up in healthy and nurturing environments free from violence with an equal opportunity to reach their full potential.         

School-Based SBS Prevention Resources

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 Class Size: Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) prevention training is most effective when provided in small groups, an average class size of between 20 and 35. If this approach isn’t feasible in your school, we strongly recommend that you limit class size to 100 students and provide time for small group discussion.
 Potential Trainers: Each school district is unique, but following is a list of potential educators for SBS prevention training: family and consumer education teachers; health class teachers; physical education teachers; school nurses; staff from your local CESA; ARCH (Waukesha Area);  staff from Family Resource Centers; and, local medical professionals with experience is SBS prevention techniques.
Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention for Middle-Schools
Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention for High-Schools